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  2. Double the Trouble

    Hi all I've a new tank
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  4. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    Hi Pete, yeah would very much like to give them some feeding and love lol.
  5. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/divers-say-less-than-5-of-great-barrier-reef-is-dead-not-half/
  6. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    They need some Lindsay feeding and love. Stunning corals
  7. Skimming experiment.

    Think I may look at this idea again now we have a cheato reactor put inline .
  8. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    yum yum, I want it all lol, good find jas could be good to have a look at his other vids.
  9. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    As in title ,, god some of these are stunners Hope you enjoy the vid
  10. You must view this

    Makes me want to jump on a plane again and get on a reef,, Maybe end of year we will get a trip in lol
  11. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Well been looking after Gareth's tank while he been on holiday and once where the bryopsis was is clear,, none left in the system so it appears that after all the years of hair pulling the answer is here Good find kaz jas
  12. Happy Birthday Jason!

    OLD ,lol I'm a spring chicken Missed the message as couldn't find my OAP glasses ,, thanks Bret hope all is well your end m8 jas
  13. Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    No problem you are more than welcome..
  14. Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    Hi m8 Your very welcome and I'm glad you liked the stock m8 If in area your very welcome to call in on us jas
  15. Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    Just like to say a big thank you to you guys for yesterdays visit, really pleased with our selection of frags & advice given, oh & good luck with the refurbishment. Thanks again Graham & Sandra.
  16. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    I think all of us who have suffered the evil weed are doing a little dance?
  17. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    It is a right pest and because it loves the exact conditions we are trying to achieve for the corals in the tank getting rid of it becomes very hard, its also a rapid grower , so far the customers who have used the treatment are reporting good results and seeing it slowly clearing which is looking good.
  18. Happy Birthday Jason!

    yeah happy birthday old timer lol
  19. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Yes, I believe it has a systemic effect; Meaning on entry into the bryopsis, It works it's way through the transport system to all areas of the bryopsis. This allows the Fluconazole to all parts of the bryopsis. For example; a contact systemic weed killer enters the plant’s foliage and works its way through the plant down to the plant’s roots which is essential to kill the plant completely. as its still effective a week after W/C and skimmer resumed. I'm still watching the last small remnants die off, although it's so tempting to scrape it off. As to dosage amounts, the only thing the 180 page thread appears to warn against is overdosing. So I guess it depends on how confident or cautious you are. Early days still. I've read the majority of the thread, but they update the sticky with instructions frequently. I know there has been occasional reference to lower dosages, but I honestly don't remember the outcome. The last time I checked, the original person has been bryopsis free for over 4 months. Im sure in a short time we will be more knowledgeable about the best approach.
  20. Happy Birthday Jason... you old git ! have a great day.
  21. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Hi, yes it does appear to work and have another customer who suggests at lower dosage which is good, he also said that when dosing it do not remove any of the algae because the treatment travels from the tips through to the base so by removing algae and breaking it off you would likely see it re grow back later but if left in place the algae will slowly die , its looking good so far.
  22. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    I believe it was me that mentioned it to Jas and let him know my results this afternoon. I have used this and used the recommended dosage and can report it appears to have worked. No skimmer or carbon for two weeks, then W/C and skimmer etc back on. Bryopsis gone and GHA disappearing now on week 3. Have enough for a 2nd dose, but waiting to see if GHA goes without needing it.?.
  23. Hi Guys Ok the forum we were running was out of date due to this the security update are no longer being updated by the company for this version of the forum we were running We have now updated to the newer version of the forum with all the updates in place We were having issues with unwanted adult spam on the forum but with this new update the issue should be sorted There is still work to be done and this may loose your login details and require you to sign up to the forum again Thanks in advance for your support and we hope to have this all sorted soon yours jason
  24. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Hi m8,yes I have one customer who has just used it and another who used it in the past and both say it worked fine, kills it and to date they have had no bad effects either so its looking good, I think if I was using it I would go for a half dose of whats recommended to start with and if not strong enough wait a while then start again with a higher dose.
  25. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    i read this the other day, it will be intresting if it works because i cant get rid of of the bloody stuff!
  26. Wednesday 1st March

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