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  1. Hi guys I haven't been popped by in ages, is your fish system back up and running now?
  2. Here here, it a shame we don't seem to count so much anymore!!!
  3. Happy new year chaps!
  4. Merry Christmas! Tanks looking sweet Dave!
  5. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Oooh my Anthias then please!!
  7. It looks a reasonable amount of kit for the money. Welcome to the forum!!
  8. I'll have no's: 1, 7 & a piece of 15 if you've got plenty please!
  9. How much would a shoal of 10 squampaninis, 9 females to 1 male set me back?
  10. Happy birthday mate, long time no see!!!!
  11. Okay if you can let me know how much you'd be looking for, for your little muncher that would be great. Cheers Andrew
  12. Yeah I realised that after i'd posted it up!!
  13. Regal Angel and a nice shoal of squampaninis.
  14. Well I can tell you for certain my peppermint shrimps won't make 5 years i've just caught my dwarf fuzzy lion eating his 2nd of the 8 i bought today! Epic fail on my part, being the lion fish is so small i thought they'd be ok how wrong was I!!!!
  15. Did you order in any extra fish for stock? Anything interesting???