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  1. Cool. Can't wait to see what your going to do with it
  2. Thanks dave. see them now? Oh and think your thread is well worth sn update?? Lol
  3. Cheers mate. Not quite to your standard though lol
  4. I can see them and Connor could see them. Not sure what's happening there
  5. Yeah it's a Sony phone. 20.7 mp and can do video in 4k which is better than HD apparently, not tried it yet though
  6. Some underwater pics taken from my xperia Z2 Thanks for looking
  7. Love this tank. Great work mate. What's the app called?
  8. Lol cheers Ben. The only equipment running in the rear chambers is a aquaone miniskim 80, 150w heater and the standard return pump which I think is about 800lph. I'm now running a tunze 6025 for flow in the display, that green acro is loving it. The polyp extention is great. Still running leds too. Will post up some pics when I've got 5 mins
  9. Welcome mate. Hope your stay here will be useful.
  10. Happy birthday mate. Have a good one
  11. Little update pic for you all
  12. Have a good one tony
  13. Lol. I think that with my leds, just don't think my aquanano would take a 150w or 250w halide. Or if there is a unit even small enough for it
  14. Cracking growth in 6 weeks mate
  15. Thanks guys. This tank was 2 years ago, I've got a nano now