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Info on transfering tanks

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#1 ben


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Posted 09 November 2007 - 02:55 PM


At some point in your aquarium keeping life you will have to move your reef tank to make way for something else, either smaller or bigger. I have done this a couple of times but thankfully only to replace one tank for another , and put it in the same space. You need to have a whole day free to do this as it takes longer than you would think.
This is how I did it.

Firstly buy or borrow some containers. Get as many as you can and get big ones. I used black, plastic outside rubbish bins, they are ideal.
One of these I filled with new salt water and kept it at the right temp and salinity, ready for the big day.

One the day of the move i put the new tank on the floor near the old tank, but make sure its on some polystyrene.
The new tank needs to be ready to fill so all the painting and any holes and weirs need to be done.
Next was to turn off everything in the old tank .
Then I started to siphon out water from the old tank into the new. Any corals that would be loose on the top of the rock can then be transferred into the new tank temporarily.
As the water level drops and the rock is exposed it can be taken out and put into the black bins.I like to give it a shake to get as much muck off as possible. Donít worry about it being out of water as is fine for a short while . If you want you can occasionally pour some water over it.
As the level continues to drop take out the exposed corals and rock.
If your going to a smaller tank then some of the water can be thrown away .
Eventually the water will be out of the old tank and into the new one , with all your corals, and the rock will be in the black bin, but make sure you leave enough water in the old tank for the fish.
When all the rock is out the fish will be easier to catch. They can be put in the new tank with the corals.
The rest of the water will be pretty murky so I suggest you get rid of it but before you do have a sift through the sand for as many snails as you can find. Once the water is out you can have another sift through the sand and then I would through nearly all of it away. I would keep a couple of handfulls , rinse it in some tank water , and put it in a bag. This will be used to seed your new sand.

Now you need to move the old tank out of the way . Once its moved you can transfer all the corals and water back into it . A powerhead or pump is handy at this point to transfer the water.

Now your new tank is empty again and can be moved into the position of the old one.
Take your time to level the tank and make sure its in the perfect spot.
Then you need to put your rock into the tank in your desired positions. Take your time making sure it looks nice and is safe from falling. Donít put it on the sand as this can cause rocks to fall if any fish bury under it.
When the rock is in you can then pour in your sand around the base of the rock.
Now its time to transfer the water into the new tank .
As the new tank starts to fill you can start to put in your corals.
Only fill the new tank to about 3/4 with old tank water.
When thatís done you should fill the rest of the tank with new salt water.
Now turn on all your equipment and make sure its all running as it should.

That is how i did it and thankfully had no problems. The main thing is to be careful and take your time so no livestock gets hurt.
If your moving house then itís a different ball game and thankfully ive not had that pleasure yet. I hope this article will help you have a successful tank transfer. Good luck. :angry:

#2 jonothetigger



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Posted 09 November 2007 - 08:45 PM

now you post that !!! lol

some good info there

i just upgraded from my 3and half foot to a 4" and moved it twice i now have it down to 2 hours for a move !!
will post some pics of the new 4" just going though the settling bit ! starting to get there now !



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Posted 09 November 2007 - 08:51 PM

You've upgraded from a 3.5 ft tank to a 4 inch tank? :lol:

#4 carlos


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Posted 11 November 2007 - 09:06 AM

Worked for Me followed Ben's Instruction's to the Letter back in June, top bit of info Ben :lol:

#5 jonothetigger



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Posted 11 November 2007 - 10:01 PM

but make sure you leave enough water in the old tank for the fish.
When all the rock is out the fish will be easier to catch. They can be put in the new tank with the corals.

or do what i did lol !! empty the tank leaving about 2 INCHES of water in and move all the fish to new tank then the next day micky says have you seen the wrasse ! he stayed in the old tank over night with no heater ! daff bugger buried it self in the sand bed !!!


the wrasse is ok !

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