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Pineapple fishes, Pinecone fish, japanese pinecone fish

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 03:41 PM

Size- 7 inches (17.5 cm) max

Natural range -Tropical east pacific and lower Red Sea

Temperature - averaging between 21 celcius and 25 (no more than 27)

Food - will learn to accept most large frozen foods with a little training and despite rumourif kept well fed can be kept with larger ornamental shrimp

Habits- a scavenger, patrols the sea bed at night making audible grunting noises to locate food, also has two small 'torches' at the front of its chin that house bioluminescent bacteria. Will eat some shrimp species and tiny very sedate fish though it tends to leave larger ornamentals alone (ie cleaner and blood shrimps) totally coral safe!!!

Aquarium, minimum 36 inches (90cm) long, lots of caves and overhangs, perfectly peaceful and safe with most species. It will eventually forgo being nocturnal and will feed with the other fish. Should be target fed the equivalent of a 2.5 inch young smelt or sandeel every day of course, as always, this should be fortified with vitamins

If you want to keep this fish to see its full potential, set up a red light tank (as red light is virtually invisible to fish) with sun corals, sponges and maintain with squirrel fish, flashlight fish and similar species.

shown below is a picture and very breif video of my particular specimen


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