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  1. Xanthid crab,usually naughty! Chris
  2. Worm ID please

    I'd hazard a guess at a Eunice worm,not nice! Chris
  3. Hi Jas. Not sure you will see this?? I received my Blue Zoa's frag today,very nice too, just wondering what lighting it was under in your shop? I've put it on the bottom for now,2ft down under 20k 150w halide. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi Rscarl/Connor. My system is a sumped 5x2,twin 150w Aqua medic halide. I'm using a Schuran Jetskim120 and a D&D Reactor running Bio pellets. Will try and get a few pics up later guys;-) Chris
  5. Hello all. Got here via Ultimate Reef. I've been in the hobby(addiction) since 2003,running a 5ft softie dominated reef, now looking to add a few Nice Zoa colonies(frags) and Lps. The word on the Reef is the stock provided by Jas and Lins is top quality,that's why I have a delivery from you tomorrow;-) Chris