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  1. Rainbowfry


    I have been using salifert kh buffer for over two years now. I have a set amount I mix into a set amount of water but this one tub I have now doesn't seem to dissolve very well and I'm left with white bits that don't dissolve at all then settle in my balling tub. I have also noticed the buffering affect of my set amount of fluid I dose is not keeping my kh steady like normal. What's going on I assume I have a shit tub if buffer?
  2. Rainbowfry


    Yeh interesting, you get tied up checking tds and not thinking about the other jobs the filter is doing that you don't check for. I will be changing my carbon filter more often I think.
  3. Rainbowfry

    Nitrate phos balance

    Thanks bud
  4. Rainbowfry

    Nitrate phos balance

    Ok have not done a water change for a week and a half my phos has come up to 0.02 and nitrate is at 9ppm what to do now? I'm only running pellets
  5. Rainbowfry

    Nitrate phos balance

    Ok thanks I'm on it now, I'm feeding heavy and have been for weeks will leave it go for a couple of weeks and see what happens
  6. Rainbowfry

    Nitrate phos balance

    So my nitrate has gone from 5 to 10 over a week but my phos seems to have slowly gone down over the past two weeks to the point I can't really see it on the test. I want to run 0.02 phos and 2 to 5 nitrate how can I lower nitrate with out affecting my phos I know they are kinda linked but I'm a bit reluctant to add more pellets as the are obviously lowering my phos but not using much nitrate.my weekly water change brings it down to 4 or 5 but if I could get it a bit more stable I would feel happier
  7. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    I would say flow lighting and kh are all very good but I was definitely lacking in nutrients, fancy trying a bit again to see if it lasts in my tank now with more nitrate and phos.
  8. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Yeh noticing a difference now things are looking good. I wonder if that's why I have never had any luck with keeping birds nest?
  9. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    I have finally got nitrate reading of 3 but still not getting any phos reading? What to do now
  10. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Cut water changes down to 5% will see what happens cheers
  11. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Not sure just over a hand full,
  12. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Thanks for the lengthy reply. I have removed the phos reactor, i did remove it for three weeks not so long ago and still dident get any phos readings but the wife did say she's sure she could see a difference in the green but I wasn't so sure. So I feel a bit of a fool re fitting it now as she was probably right. I will up my feeding a block a day and remove a very small amount of pellets and test each day and see what happens. Iv put my halide on for 8 hours a day with my really crappy LEDs on really really low before dark for a few hours.
  13. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Few more questions I'm running pellets and rowa shall I take the rowa off line? Thanks for the help
  14. Rainbowfry

    Needs some ideas guys

    Ok over the last three months I seem to be losing the green pigment in my sps corals. All other colours seem OK reds seem a bit washed out but green is going pale. My levels are Sg 1.025 Mag 1290 Cal 450 Kh 9.3 Potassium 400 Temp 28 Phos can't get a reading Nitrate can't get a reading I have started putting in iodide and reeflowers F colour which is supposed to have minerals and pigment in to specifically help green and reds, but to be honest I need some help and advice as I don't want to muck things up. I have my 10k 400w halide on 12hours a day is this to much could I be bleaching the colours?
  15. Rainbowfry


    question, how much is a salifert iodine test kit I seen one in shop today for £22.95 ??? I thought it must have been priced wrong but it was that much.