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  1. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    Hi Pete, yeah would very much like to give them some feeding and love lol.
  2. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/divers-say-less-than-5-of-great-barrier-reef-is-dead-not-half/
  3. Skimming experiment.

    Think I may look at this idea again now we have a cheato reactor put inline .
  4. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    yum yum, I want it all lol, good find jas could be good to have a look at his other vids.
  5. Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    No problem you are more than welcome..
  6. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    It is a right pest and because it loves the exact conditions we are trying to achieve for the corals in the tank getting rid of it becomes very hard, its also a rapid grower , so far the customers who have used the treatment are reporting good results and seeing it slowly clearing which is looking good.
  7. Happy Birthday Jason!

    yeah happy birthday old timer lol
  8. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Hi, yes it does appear to work and have another customer who suggests at lower dosage which is good, he also said that when dosing it do not remove any of the algae because the treatment travels from the tips through to the base so by removing algae and breaking it off you would likely see it re grow back later but if left in place the algae will slowly die , its looking good so far.
  9. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Hi m8,yes I have one customer who has just used it and another who used it in the past and both say it worked fine, kills it and to date they have had no bad effects either so its looking good, I think if I was using it I would go for a half dose of whats recommended to start with and if not strong enough wait a while then start again with a higher dose.
  10. Wednesday 1st March

  11. Hi, this was bought to jasons attention this morning after a phone conversation with a customer who will be trying it and getting back to Jason with the results , its a new idea to us but thanks to the customer for letting us know about it and I look forward to feedback on how it goes. http://www.reef2reef.com/threads/bryopsis-cure-my-battle-with-bryopsis-using-fluconazole.285096/ Have a read ,ive not gone through the thread but definitely will be because this is a stubborn form of algae that does take some beating and enjoys life in our tanks to easily , basically unlike many other algae forms the better the water and light conditions the more it thrives which is a bit of a pain..
  12. Salifert

    Unsure ,not noticed anything different with it here.
  13. Wednesday 1st March

    Yes, if you can give jas a bell on 07756195118 on the day to let him know you are coming in just in case something crops up and a new time suitable for all has to be arranged.

    Yeah regular pre filter changes are definitely the way forward and aid both tank and ro unit.
  15. Hi all, I don't normally put the title of a subject in capital letters but have done so here to help this thread stand out. I have been asked a lot of times why change ro filters after 3 to 6 months even if the tds reading is only 0 to 1 and the simple answer is to extend the life of the main membrane and to remove things that the tds test does not measure. I am no expert on ro units and the list of solids and chemicals they remove but do know that a lot of the chemicals are removed by the carbon pre filters and it is unlikely they show up as a reading on your tds meter, put simple you may have a low tds reading coming out but if carbon filters are shot then other chemicals could be getting through that may not effect the low tds reading you are seeing, regular carbon pre filter changes extend the life of the main membrane and reduce the risk of chemicals getting through, least that's how I have always seen it here , we change out every three to four months regardless of what the tds reading is, pre filters are cheap compared to the main membrane and at the end of the day the stock in your tank. This short link may explain it better than I have, happy reefing... http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1932467