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    Double the Trouble

    Very nice, as per usual eye popping photography
  2. lindsay

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    Hi m8, yeah me too that's a stunner .
  3. lindsay

    Double the Trouble

    Hope it gets better soon for you, no nutrients can be a pain.
  4. lindsay

    Flat tank !!

    Ok , good luck with it m8
  5. lindsay


    This was mentioned to me the other day by a customer, thanks John. I have not researched it fully but seems to be fairly straight forward so think I will set it up and have a go.
  6. lindsay

    Ban on Fiji coral/live rock 2018

    Thanks Matt , will read them later m8.
  7. lindsay

    Flat tank !!

    Hi, hard to say , you would need to either reinforce the floor or at least make some enquiries as to the floors strength , some flats are also done in concrete floors so enquiring probably first step forward..
  8. lindsay

    Happy christmas

    As above , have a cool one and a great new year..
  9. lindsay

    Not Quite Goodbye

    Hi, welcome back, I think that looking around it seems many forums on all topics are slowly getting quite with most turning to the dreaded Facebook and so on, shame really as a lot of people who often come to us have often made very silly basic mistakes by listening to people on social medias who also would seem have little idea about how to keep a reef tank lol. I suspect one day people will work it out that the advise that is and was given on dedicated forums is far, far better.
  10. lindsay

    This was close to making me cry

    Sad, and like you say people could help, there is a point where interfering with nature can end up doing more harm than good, but this clearly is not an issue here, drop them some food while things are bad in a way in which it does not make them see free food as a replacement for wild harder to get foods like seal when things have improved. I hope things improve for them and if not some bright spark decides we should help them...
  11. lindsay

    RO DI

    Yeah very good, looks like the last 3 stage set up works the best and has longer lasting effects which will help with wasting mixed media and save money in the long run.
  12. lindsay

    Should be live on ebay between now and sunday night

    This auction should go live by the 21st and the 22nd of October 2017 at 6pm
  13. lindsay

    Ebay listing start tonight at 6 pm

    THIS AUCTION HAS NOW ENDED There is another auction starting weekend
  14. lindsay

    RO DI

    Yes m8, good article and although I think we are good on our RO unit after watching the video I think I will at some point look into bigger DI resin filters , we have two small pods at the moment but cant hurt to change these out for bigger ones later, it is a good idea to replace the pre filters on a 3 monthly basis as not everything can be measured by the tds meter and regular changes of the pre filters will lengthen the life span of the dearer main membrane , good find on the vid m8.
  15. lindsay

    RO DI

    Very good article about ro water, like their DI resin , also liking the amount they use, maybe increase the amount we use at some point.
  16. lindsay

    Double the Trouble

    Hi, missed your post, cool looking tank, mixed lps sps coral tank?.
  17. lindsay

    Eye candy for the sps nutter

    Hi Pete, yeah would very much like to give them some feeding and love lol.
  18. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/divers-say-less-than-5-of-great-barrier-reef-is-dead-not-half/
  19. lindsay

    Skimming experiment.

    Think I may look at this idea again now we have a cheato reactor put inline .
  20. lindsay

    Eye candy for the sps nutter

    yum yum, I want it all lol, good find jas could be good to have a look at his other vids.
  21. Hi, this was bought to jasons attention this morning after a phone conversation with a customer who will be trying it and getting back to Jason with the results , its a new idea to us but thanks to the customer for letting us know about it and I look forward to feedback on how it goes. http://www.reef2reef.com/threads/bryopsis-cure-my-battle-with-bryopsis-using-fluconazole.285096/ Have a read ,ive not gone through the thread but definitely will be because this is a stubborn form of algae that does take some beating and enjoys life in our tanks to easily , basically unlike many other algae forms the better the water and light conditions the more it thrives which is a bit of a pain..
  22. lindsay

    Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    No problem you are more than welcome..
  23. lindsay

    Bryopsis a possible cure..

    It is a right pest and because it loves the exact conditions we are trying to achieve for the corals in the tank getting rid of it becomes very hard, its also a rapid grower , so far the customers who have used the treatment are reporting good results and seeing it slowly clearing which is looking good.
  24. lindsay

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    yeah happy birthday old timer lol
  25. lindsay

    Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Hi, yes it does appear to work and have another customer who suggests at lower dosage which is good, he also said that when dosing it do not remove any of the algae because the treatment travels from the tips through to the base so by removing algae and breaking it off you would likely see it re grow back later but if left in place the algae will slowly die , its looking good so far.