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  1. ben

    Mixed coral tank.

    Very nice and natural looking.
  2. ben

    Happy birthday Ben

    Younger than you and not ginger!
  3. ben

    which skimmer for 2ft cube

    Bit too powerful dave :-)
  4. I'm looking at The Tunze DOC Skimmer 9002 or Bubble Magus NAC QQ Protein Skimmer needlewheel?
  5. ben

    Plastic Surgery

    Blimey,its like EastEnders :-)
  6. ben

    Plastic Surgery

    What you gonna paint it with Chris?
  7. welcome, keep the updates comming
  8. Don't worry yet, wrasse can be nervous fish and the fact you've had your hand in the tank has probably spooked it. Give it a week and then worry. BTA nems arnt the stickiest of nems and struggle to catch live fish unless they are ill or week. The nem has also just picked up a shrimp skin by chance as it drifted in.
  9. ben

    what type of fish

    Royal gramma is a crackin fish. Goby and shrimp pair are interesting.
  10. ben

    SPS stock tank

    Nice, can't wait to set up again.