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  1. deany

    My new porthole vision

    Thank you m8 ill try and get some more photos up if you have any camera tips lol
  2. deany

    My new porthole vision

  3. deany

    Connors 36x30x20

    Looking stunning Connor m8
  4. Starting to get better over a week gone back to hospital on Wednesday but everything seems 100%
  5. I no Connor,very lucky but was really painful m8
  6. Back to hospital Thursday m8 there just hoping its not fungus growing on my eye m8 it's still sore but not just as bad.
  7. Thinking of handling your zoas just think twice and be careful i ended up in hospital Friday in real bad pain,with my zoas squirting in my eye still in pain have to go back till hospital on Thursday to see if my eye is heeling any better.
  8. deany

    sps shoot 17th jan 2014

    wouldnt mind a frag of that m8
  9. There very nice m8 which LEDs are you running
  10. deany

    Hope I didn't make the wrong decision?

    Looking forward to seeing it m8 your last tank was a belter.
  11. deany

    few sps up for grabs 7/12/2013

    No probs m8 anytime