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  1. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    I have had a bit of a reboot with the tank, looking for the following
  2. Twistedpro

    Eye candy for the sps nutter

    They need some Lindsay feeding and love. Stunning corals
  3. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    I have been thinking about this, and am after some opinions. To keep the achillies i will need a tank of the same dimensions and the best course would be to keep the current tank. What i am thinking is to strip the current tank down and remove the closed loop. Then decommission the outside system and bring this inside and build a sump under the current tank. For this i am thinking of going down the lines of a mud sump and skimmer with phosphate media and balling. I need to solve the humidity problem and for this i can see the only solution is to put a lid over the current tank. I was thinking i could put some fans and vent the air outisde using the holes i currently have for the piping. Would be interested to hear on your opinions
  4. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    I think i will be removing this system, it has never run properly/ been run properly so am thinking on going to a 3x3x2 or 30" cube. If anyone know of any tank breakdowns i would be interested
  5. Twistedpro

    Happy Birthday Twistedpro

    Cheers guys, i totally missed this. Hopefully i will be back soon. I am thinking a downsize is in order as the large tank has never been under my control
  6. Twistedpro

    Your baby blue digi ......under led's :p

    Stunning would love a frag when I have my tank sorted
  7. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    Hi Lindsay, Here are the ICP test results, it looks like some of my kits are well out
  8. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    New Year, same shit, after a good end to last year i have had a re-occurrence of the SPS problems with 5 frags deciding to strip from the tips in the last week. I really wish i could pinpoint what is causing this as the calcium, magnesium, Alk, Ph salinity have all stayed stable. I have not made any additions. The only change was the phosphate media which was yesterday and the level started to increase this week, however this has been replaced with a very slow flow. The DkH has increased slightly from 8 to 8.2 in the last week but i would imagine this is because growth has stopped. I have not been able to carry out a NSW water change as the weather has been too bad with road runoff etc. I do feel i am banging my head on a brick wall. I only dose the balling elements and food into the tank
  9. Twistedpro

    few sps up for grabs 7/12/2013

    Have you got a frag of 15 it's amazing also a frag of 21
  10. Twistedpro

    can you get this one

    Yes a good size frag would be great, I have my eye on a couple of your eBay bits
  11. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    Here is a very bad video of the tank
  12. Twistedpro

    can you get this one

    Looks very similar Jas
  13. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

  14. Twistedpro

    can you get this one

    Hi guys, Have you had the following coral? http://reefbuilders.com/2013/12/04/coral-month-introducing-hurlock-acropora-bali-aquarium/
  15. Twistedpro

    5 x 3 x 2 Reefbar

    I can't say it browned them out, in fact it had the opposite effect. It has been all good for me. But you do need to be careful where you collect from