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  1. Hi

    Hi, welcome some good people on here!
  2. Lovely tank. Welcome. How does the slimmer grow under the LEDs?
  3. Slow mo reef woody

    Very nice - lovely tank!

    Nice tank build! I'm trying siporax at the moment. Cant say its working for me to be honest - maybe its not set up right. The sump wasn't designed around siporax. I just wanted to try something different. I've just added a gyre 150 and have to say I'm very impressed with it. So pleased to get rid of all the other pumps!
  5. Thanks guys, I've been told you cant get the big tubs any more?
  6. L,E,D,s any good?.

    Just seen this Lindsay and I've been asking myself the same recently. I run a Giesemann Futura so one of the 'high end' LEDs. Currently I have good colour but poor growth out of Acro but fine out of the other types of SPS. I recently looked at an article from Sanjay Joshi and he thinks he's lost about 20% growth rate but he said he'll take that because of the other advantages of LEDs such as heat. I've been doing a lot of research on LED but its hard to find unbiased information and even harder to find it in English. I found some interesting info from Horniman and also from Ecotech Marine (potentially biased?) but what I got from it is that spectrum is very important. With T5 or halides you get the spectrum you are given to an extent whereas LED you have infinite spectrum control and if you don't know 1) what spectrum you want and 2) how to get the spectrum from your LED unit then your pretty stuffed! Eco Tech I think have been very good at providing templates for different types of corals and environments. Giesemann have to a lesser extent but the others, as far as I'm aware tell you nothing. As it is I've run my LEDs in the wrong settings meaning I'm getting good colour but also getting photo inhibition. I've got some new settings for my lights so will reserve judgement. I think to many people have jumped on the LED bandwagon without really knowing what they are about. If I was keeping nice soft corals I'd go T5 and if I had the money I'd do 400 Halides. The control on the LED is both the best and worst thing about them! And if you cant afford the upfront cost of a good LED I wouldn't bother at all.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of any alternatives to Tropic Marin Pro Coral Mineral? I want to be able to buy big tubs but can only get hold of the little 250ml pots which I get through in no time.Cheers
  8. Skimming experiment.

    I've been thinking about this lately and was wondering if I could implement it on my reef system. I've tried it on a soft coral/fish system and not seen any negative effects. My system has a sump that is outside my house and runs pearls. I don't want to turn the skimmer off because of the pearls but was thinking about shuting off the return pump to the display tank for few hours each day. Advantages of this would be that the display would run without the skimmer for a while, I could feed the corals more effectively and would save a few quid on running the return pump. My concerns are temp drop, ware on the pump being switched on/off and also what effect would be had on the corals when the sump is reconnected bring in water that has had the calcium reactor running. Any thoughts - worth giving it a go?
  9. Reactor pellets

    Sounds like the reactor isn't working properly. The pellets have stuck together and turned anoxic. I'd clean the reactor out and make sure the pump is working properly. It might smell as a warning.
  10. Outing Turf Algae

    Thanks guys, is that general algae advice or Turf algae advice? Turf algae is tought stuff! Not sure on the tank due to tank size but may try an urchin. Cheers
  11. Algae ID

    I've also had this algae/cyano whenever running pearls. I found that it sticks around for about 2 months. After that time I clean the sand out with a standard gravel vacuum and then it goes away after about the 2nd clean. Its very unsightly for that 2 month period but once its gone it doesn't come back. Its seems to be apart of the maturing process with pearls from my experience.
  12. Outing Turf Algae

    Not an issue on my tank but I've been asked some advice on it. The problem is green turf algae. It grows on LR and is very stiff short algae, looks like grass in the garden. It is very difficult to remove manually and is very resilient. It came on a piece of Live rock. The rock was kept in complete darkness for about 3 months but once back in the light it made a come back. It is now spreading fairly rapidly. The water is low in nutrients, brightly lit and a good bit of flow. Alk is low and needs to be raised. I've done quite a bit of research on it and it seems to be nigh on impossible to remove even for some house hold name aquarists. Though someone on here might have had some experiences. Cheers
  13. Nsw

    I'm further south than you guys, in the channel Islands. Many years ago I used NSW and it was a disaster. The tank always started off great but slowly deteriorated. Fish seems to be fine but corals other than leathers hated it and SPS browned out over night. Also had real algae issues even though the standard nutrient measurements were fine. I finally traced the problem down to what I believed was a silicate issue. The islands are made of granite which is very high in silicates and I believe this caused the algae issues/coral browning but also believe it lead to the demise of corals. Perhaps water taken higher up the British Isles will be better. I always feel that the proof is in the pudding and I'm yet to see a nice reef tank using NSW from around the UK