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  1. slappy

    co2 regulator

    No probs, sending you a pm
  2. slappy

    co2 regulator

    Yes it will Shaun. I live in Four Lanes.
  3. slappy

    co2 regulator

    Are you local to Jasons? I have a brand new solenoid and regulator for refillable bottles. £35 I live just outside of Redruth. Tony
  4. slappy

    river reef question

    Try some Autoglym glass polish on it, even though it's acrylic it might work. I've done it to my Astra headlights prior to selling it and a looked brand new after it was polished up.
  5. slappy

    Happy birthday jason......

    Happy Birthday Jase
  6. slappy


    Luckily for my brother, it's relatively calm where he is, he's flying back in a couple of weeks for good now.
  7. slappy


    Were they? I didn't think so. My brother lives in Japan but luckily he's lives in the southern regions.
  8. slappy

    Happy birthday slappy..

    Thanks guys, no drinking tonight as got to work tomorrow. Will make it for it on Saturday though. Going for my birthday bash later on in the month at Newquay
  9. slappy

    Happy birthday slappy..

    Thanks very much guys. Daza, how's your head on Sunday morning?
  10. slappy


    I tend to use KH and pH Buffer which Jason sells, and a good quality salt (TM Pro Reef) which again is stocked at Jason's Must admit, not needed to buffer for a long time now.
  11. slappy

    Happy birthday slappy..

    Thanks Linds
  12. slappy

    Happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday Joey
  13. slappy

    Why Me?

    Sorry to hear about your losses Tony, gutted for you mate.
  14. slappy

    bang bang

    Thanks Marcus
  15. slappy

    What powerheads

    Good powerheads, I had a set of them.