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  1. A mini reef in the country

    Cool. Can't wait to see what your going to do with it
  2. A mini reef in the country

    Thanks dave. Can.you see them now? Oh and think your thread is well worth sn update?? Lol
  3. A mini reef in the country

    Cheers mate. Not quite to your standard though lol
  4. A mini reef in the country

    I can see them and Connor could see them. Not sure what's happening there
  5. A mini reef in the country

    Yeah it's a Sony phone. 20.7 mp and can do video in 4k which is better than HD apparently, not tried it yet though
  6. A mini reef in the country

    Some underwater pics taken from my xperia Z2 Thanks for looking
  7. 8ft dreamreef

    Love this tank. Great work mate. What's the app called?
  8. A mini reef in the country

    Lol cheers Ben. The only equipment running in the rear chambers is a aquaone miniskim 80, 150w heater and the standard return pump which I think is about 800lph. I'm now running a tunze 6025 for flow in the display, that green acro is loving it. The polyp extention is great. Still running leds too. Will post up some pics when I've got 5 mins
  9. Welcome mate. Hope your stay here will be useful.
  10. Happy birthday connor.

    Happy birthday mate. Have a good one
  11. A mini reef in the country

    Little update pic for you all
  12. Happy birthday Karnivor.

    Have a good one tony
  13. Connors 36x30x20

    Lol. I think that with my leds, just don't think my aquanano would take a 150w or 250w halide. Or if there is a unit even small enough for it
  14. Connors 36x30x20

    Cracking growth in 6 weeks mate
  15. FTS of my trigon 190

    Thanks guys. This tank was 2 years ago, I've got a nano now