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  1. Eye candy for the sps nutter

    As in title ,, god some of these are stunners Hope you enjoy the vid
  2. You must view this

    Makes me want to jump on a plane again and get on a reef,, Maybe end of year we will get a trip in lol
  3. Bryopsis a possible cure..

    Well been looking after Gareth's tank while he been on holiday and once where the bryopsis was is clear,, none left in the system so it appears that after all the years of hair pulling the answer is here Good find kaz jas
  4. Happy Birthday Jason!

    OLD ,lol I'm a spring chicken Missed the message as couldn't find my OAP glasses ,, thanks Bret hope all is well your end m8 jas
  5. Thanks Jason & Lindsay

    Hi m8 Your very welcome and I'm glad you liked the stock m8 If in area your very welcome to call in on us jas
  6. Hi Guys Ok the forum we were running was out of date due to this the security update are no longer being updated by the company for this version of the forum we were running We have now updated to the newer version of the forum with all the updates in place We were having issues with unwanted adult spam on the forum but with this new update the issue should be sorted There is still work to be done and this may loose your login details and require you to sign up to the forum again Thanks in advance for your support and we hope to have this all sorted soon yours jason
  7. intresting use of calcium reactor effulent

    It looks to be a great idea and one that would run off our C/R very well here is a link to a DIY reactor http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2569017 jas
  8. Corals

    Hi m8 we mainly do sps ,,we do get LPS but usually sell them as colonies rather than cut them up We do have bright pink stylo but its sps m8 Fell free to bell me m8 on 07756195118 jas
  9. Mel's eaReef 1500s upgrade

    Stunning mel,,and to think this is a new setup I'm glad all when well in the swap and like Lindsay I look forward seeing this tank grow out some Let me tell you mel the pics are fine and if you were to see my past tank pics well you would see what I mean Thank for posting the pics up mel and I love the Anthias stunning jas
  10. Iodine

    Hi m8 Well the RRP is £20.83 but we do 10% off that price,, it is a more expensive test kit and unless TMC have a new catalogue that I'm unaware of then yes there price is over the RRP It is a long winded test and we rarely test for it ourselves but it is a good test kit to have at hand if dosing iodine,, we usually do a test once every 2 months or so jas
  11. Salifert test kit chart colours.

    Still waiting on TMC to get back to me ,,untill then im putting my faith in the older kits jas
  12. Hi

    Welcome to the forum Be good to see some pics of tank m8 jas
  13. Good afternoon - New to IR

    Welcome to I/R m8 A stunning tank there with a wide mix of corals,, have you any pics of the running gear as always good to see whats running a system and maybe some closeup pics of some of the corals and fish,, Sohal ,my fav Tang is he being a good boy ? I have sent you a pm in response to your message m8 Welcome to the forum m8 jas
  14. Phoenix Montipora.

    Your Phoenix monty link not working linds so adding this one http://www.reef2reef.com/threads/who-is-ready-for-jason-fox-signature-corals-memorial-weekend-live-sale.160813/page-46 Your have to scroll down to first few pics to see it jas
  15. Huge Thanks

    Hi m8 Hows the goni doing now ,,fully open ? jas