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Friend or Foe

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I think I have spotted a Mantis shrimp in my sump, about an inch long, emerald green, from a quick glimpse looked similar to a woodlouse along its back.

Is it ok in the sump, should it be despatched unless some one wants it and can they get up into the main tank ? which would be a dissaster!

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Should be ok ,,just make sure you dont get hands to close when it gets bigger lol


Also dont sump any fish as it may want to play a little when and if it gets of a good size.I like them myself and i know some of the U/R guys have been looking for some but i think your have to ship them as there up the line.


We have had a few over the years but the common one we get is the plain brown one ,,see if you can get a pic for us




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