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HI to all


can any please help me im planning on building a 180w led with 20 royal blues 20 blues and 20 cool whites this light is for the centre of my tank and its goin to be sps dominated. im wanting to use 3w cree leds i think its xpg for the whites and xpe for the blues. ive found a place for the drivers ELN-60-48 60W. will i be able to run 20 3w leds on 1 driver? and 60 3w leds to 1 heat sink? im looking to get quiet a large one around 24in or 2 12in by 12 if im able to find one that size. could any one tell me exactley wot leds i need to use and where to buy tham from. i need them to be good enought to grow sps corals. any help would be wellcome i havnt a clue how to build one but goin to give it ago just need to get the right bits first


many thanks dale


also heres my phone number if any one wants to advise me 07507827276 or email dleeb@hotmail.co.uk

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