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Simon Garratt

A Little about R-E-I

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Firstly let me just say thanks to jas and Linds for accepting our request for a section on IR.


Many of you will know me from my various ramblings on my private website www.reef-eden.net , in magazines such as Ultra Marine,ramblings on here, or will have seen me do presentations at various events over the yrs, so im sure I am no stranger to many of you as a hobbyist first and formost.


Reef-Eden international was set up in late 2011 as a progression of that passion for marine aquaria and the hobby as a whole, with a simple goal in mind, to distribute via the LFS high quality products that have been through the hands of a seasoned hobbyist so that the end-user can be assured of the validity of advice offerd, the quality of the product, and above all else have faith in the purchase they are making be that media, equipment, addatives or any number of products we are working on at any one time.


Our second goal was to support the industry, with specific attention to the brick and mortar LFS, the place we all rely on at the end of the day in one way or another, and the foundation of what we all hold dear..the ability to buy exotic animals to place in our little glass boxes in the hope we can have a slice of the ocean in our living rooms, so it will come as no surprise that there are two sides to the company, firstly the development and supply of quality dry goods and equipment to the marine retail industry, and secondly the supply of high quality landed and rested livestock to the LFS via a team of dedicated collectors around the globe and in partnership with one of the UK's newest coral importers. we dont consolidate, we actually handle, rest, feed, and condition all our stock before it even goes to the LFS to ensure the best quality possible by the time it lands in the hobbyists aquarium.


Sadly, as a trade supplyer we do not supply direct to the hobbyist under any circumstances. but we do have an ever growing list of authorised dealers that can be found on our website Dealer List where you can find our products or order a particular item if not currently carried.


If you would like your dealer to stock R-E-I distributed corals, then please feel free to ask them to get in touch with us and we will happily send through availability lists which they can order from.


Over the next few days we will add product information bulletins where users will be able to find information on specific products, get sneak peaks at up and coming products, and have the oportunity to get help and support where needed.



Kind regards

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