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Simon Garratt

Giesemann Futura In All It's Glory!

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Hi All,


As some of you may know, Giesemann's long awaited Futura has finally started hitting the shelves. Giesemann being the perfectionists they are, wanted to hold back on final production pending the addition of yet more colours to fill out what is one of the widest spectral distributions on the market, and further updates and modifications to what has to be said is the most flexible yet user friendly software control package of any LED lighting system out there. Offering up to 30 controllable channels, full and infinitely adjustable weather simulations, a real time lunar phase simulation that can be set to track your local Lunar phase in one easy step, Independently controllable modules that accept different maps to allow different lighting scenarios to be played out within given sections of an aquarium (such as an area specifically for lower light deeper water LPS etc)...If you want to get really creative you can even set the modules to perform just like the sun in nature, relative to intensity, spectral shift from morning to night, and set the peak intensity to travers across the aquarium in a gradual arc from one end to the other, thereby limiting the stresses of prolonged high intensity static exposure on corals. In all, an incredible 4320 set points can be plotted across a 24hr period. The free software which is compatible with PC/MAC/IPAD/ANDROID/IPHONE not only allows full remote control via Bluetooth, but also allows you to save an infinite number of profiles which can be saved/modified for later, uploaded and run, or even shared with other Futura users.



Unlike many other companies, Giesemann weren’t that fussed about winning the never-ending PAR/PUR war which by and large has become a meaningless battle, understanding that in the big scheme of things, the Futura along with most other upper end LED units already deliver far more usable light at peak output than is actually required to get good coral growth and stunning colouration in even the most demanding shallow water SPS corals, so instead concentrated on the ‘way’ the light was delivered and the ‘quality’ of that light. In the end they went for higher output loss free optics rather than the traditional secondary lenses to give a much wider spread and more even distribution of light across emitted the light field, and better mixing of the different frequency outputs across the LED array, thus preventing those annoying colour spots all too common in units using tight beams, especially as you get nearer to the source point. This wide angle output also puts light into the aquarium at shallow angles meaning that just like nature, corals receive light from a wide array of angles including their sides, enabling them to attain much better all-round photosynthetic capacity, and not just from above which is commonly an issue with more tightly focussed platforms. Ah, but what about depth punch though?. Well, each boards output, is spaced and designed to overlap its neighbour, thereby increasing the overall intensity without the need for excessive focussing to attain that depth at the sacrifice of even distribution across the whole lit area.



As for spectrum, well they didn’t hold back there either with 7 different colours, running from a low upper band UV 390nm violet, through 5 other colours, right up to the 790nm red.


And just to prove its not all smoke and mirrors, here are a couple of video's showing just what the Futura can achieve, and what the user can do with that incredible software package.


The tank in thse video's runs full time on a futura (just in case there are any doubters out there)


For full specifications visit: FUTURA LED



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