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Guest lindsay

Skimming experiment.

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Not sure it would be a good idea, the calcium reactor would increase levels in the sump area which could result in a spike when added at speed to the main tank plus the reactor would be adding its effluent to a smaller volume of water with nothing within it to use the extra dkh and calcium so unsure on whether you would get any precipitation in the sump and how the ph would be effected, it all depends on the performance levels of the calcium reactor ,volume of water in the sump and time scale of the return pump being off, personally I don't think I would do it, we are back to skimming 24/7 at the moment to aid o2 levels while the tanks temperature levels are higher , I do wonder if different skimmers effect tanks to different levels, our skimmers are all venturi skimmers and not needle wheel skimmers so wonder if there is a difference between the two when it comes to bacteria removal.

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