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Hi all, I don't normally put the title of a subject in capital letters but have done so here to help this thread stand out.

I have been asked a lot of times why change ro filters after 3 to 6 months even if the tds reading is only 0 to 1 and the simple answer is to extend the life of the main membrane and to remove things that the tds test does not measure.

I am no expert on ro units and the list of solids and chemicals they remove but do know that a lot of the chemicals are removed by the carbon pre filters and it is unlikely they show up as a reading on your tds meter, put simple you may have a low tds reading coming out but if carbon filters are shot then other chemicals could be getting through that may not effect the low tds reading you are seeing, regular carbon pre filter changes extend the life of the main membrane and reduce the risk of chemicals getting through, least that's how I have always seen it here , we change out every three to four months regardless of what the tds reading is, pre filters are cheap compared to the main membrane and at the end of the day the stock in your tank.

This short link may explain it better than I have, happy reefing...



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Yeh interesting, you get tied up checking tds and not thinking about the other jobs the filter is doing that you don't check for. I will be changing my carbon filter more often I think.

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